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Happiness :D
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Happiness = Lycka :)

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Bring it! :D

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Just started making a cclist for the sim I’ll give out as a “500 followers-gift” soon :) 

Just so yall know, it will be a female sim. Some of you wanted both a female and male sims, but mmyeah. I’m really bad at making male sims and to be honest, I don’t bother looking up cc for them >.<
I have 7 followers left until I can release her. Hopefully I got plenty of time because I have absolutely NO idea how she will look like, what type of style she’ll have and all that..

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I cleaned my computer today with compressed air. Now my little pearl is nice and clean from dust :3
I’m off to play some more Tomb Raider Underworld!

I’m within reach soon of 500 followers, so I was wondering if yall would like a sim as a 500-followers gift? :)