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+ cheekykittenbutt

This was a hard one because in Sweden we don’t have a name for butt cheeks :s
Butt = “Rumpa” or “Stjärt”
Cheeks = “Skinka” (also called “skinka” if we mean the food ham) (but if talk about cheeks, like the ones on your face, it’s called “kind”)

So if we say buttcheeks we just say skinkorna but that can also mean “the hams” (like the food):D 

omg swedish is so confusing sometimes! hahaha

+ Send me an English word and I’ll translate it to my native language

Bring it! :D

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I’m scaring myself so much while playing Tomb Raider ;__; I have a issue with wild animals in games, (or animals in generad in games that wants to kill me) they freak me the fuck out and I scream like the girl I am when I’m forced to kill a tiger or a panther (even worse a shark or wolf!) haha! My boyfriend thinks I’m silly :C
The struggle is real..

Have you made your theme by yourself or have you downloaded it?
+ Anonymous

Hi there nonny! Its downloaded, you can find it here :)

Internet is back! I didn’t played too much The Sims though.. Stuck at playing Tomb Raider Underworld instead * - *
I’m so in lesbians with Lara Croft is a bit embarrassing.. 

My internet decided to stop working, so.. I guess I have to play all day instead :P

Yet another awkward familyphoto! *must remember to download children poses* They are expecting their second baby :D And I hope its a boy!
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